How to Restrict Access to Electronic Documents

It is essential to ensure that your sensitive files and business proposals that are confidential, as well as personal information about employees and customers, are kept safe. This means that you must ensure they are not easily accessible to anyone other than those you allow access to them, and also that they cannot be copied, printed or modified.

The ideal solution is to use a system to manage documents to help restrict access to electronic files. A good system will have audit trails and monitors that can detect suspicious activity. It will also stop non-authorized parties from using usernames and passwords of the company to gain access to sensitive areas or private company email accounts. This will prevent these people from copying and disseminating your encrypted files on USB devices to unauthorized places.

If you wish to restrict access to a specific document then click the Permissions icon. You will be able to select from a list if access levels. For instance, you could you grant Ranjit permission to view a specific document, but not modify it. Once you’ve done that, a message will appear with the message that the document has been rights-managed.

In submitting a request to obtain a seal or shield that allows access to the entire court case where a file is located. If the court grants you request, all the documents in the case remain confidential until you decide to open them.

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